We are excited to announce the brand new COMPLETE PET APP to our loyal and potential new customers.

We have improved the usability and also simplified the entire system from the old app.

Why would a pet food company need an app you may ask, we are here to take you through the app and explain why.

These are the functions you will find on the Complete Pet App:

  1. Catalogue with the entire variaty of cat and dog food products
  2. Easy Store Locator
  3. Loyalty Programme




You can Install the app on Andoid, Apple Store (iOS) or go onto our web app (app.completepetfood.co.za).

Once the app is installed you can register with your details, number of dogs and cats you own and your chosen password.

The app is basically developed for our loyalty programme.

On the app, you will be able to view the entire range of cat and dog food as well as the dog Snack-a-chews. We also added an Outlet function, which makes it easy to view the nearest outlets that stock Complete Pet Food products.



Loyalty Programme

This is how it works: Every time you buy a Complete Pet product, you can upload your receipt on the App and it will generate a point for that specific product. Once you earned 11 point, you will receive your 12th purchase for free.



  • Everything on the App is user-friendly
  • You will never have to guess which pet shops sells Complete Pet food again
  • Our loyalty programme makes your purchases worthwhile!

Check out our Facebook page for awesome App launch competitions and rewards: www.facebook.com/CompletePetfood



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  1. Good day i have a yorkie is it ok for him and if posdibel if someone can give me a call
    Thanking you
    Warm regards
    Elize van der merwe
    Contac nr 082 4959 483


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