SA Complete Pet Food products are formulated and manufactured under
stringent quality control procedures to ensure customer satisfaction.
Complete is grateful to Prof. L.J. Grobler and Danie Voster of the University
of the North West in Potchefstroom, who started Complete Pet Food in 2000.
The current owners acquired the business in 2007 and since then have
strived to promote their vision of providing a premium product at affordable

By 2013, Complete had grown into a successful brand that is available
throughout the country. Complete is built on a sound foundation of quality
products and services. Complete uses the services of a renowned pet food
nutritionist and only ingredients of the highest quality are sourced. Our
products are trustworthy and have high absorption rates.



1. Fresh, clean water is m ore important to your dog than any other nutrient so ensure that he or she always has fresh water to drink.
2. Regardless of their size, it’s not good for a dog to eat fast, and it can be particularly dangerous for a larger dog as they can get bloat/stomach torsion which is a lifethreatening condition.Slow them down by using “slow feeder” bowls.
3. Don’t leave food out all day. Rather feed your dog and leave the bowl down for ten to fifteen minutes. Then pick it up and throw away uneaten food.
4. Make sure that your dog’s bowls are clean and wash them well before every meal.
5. Avoid feeding your dog in plastic dog bowls as they absorb too many odours and bacteria. Stainless steel or ceramic is best.
6. Don’t let your children disturb your dog while he or she is eating.
7. It’s best to feed your dog twice a day puppies more often. Follow the feeding quantity guidelines on every bag of Complete Pet.



Extreme heat is unhealthy for everyone, but particularly for dogs. In South Africa,
temperatures can rise rapidly in a matter of hours and conditions are then prime for
heat stroke, overheating, or “heat exhaustion” in dogs, as it’s sometimes called.
Catching a heat stroke in its early stages can help prevent permanent damage to your
dog’s internal organs. Some early signs of heat stroke include – Excessive or loud
panting, extreme thirst, frequent vomiting, a bright red tongue and pale gums, skin
around muzzle or neck doesn’t snap back when pinched, and thick saliva.
Look out for signs of worsening heat stroke. The dog’s heat stroke can be worsening if
he begins to exhibit any of the following – Increased difficulty breathing, gums that turn
bright red, then blue or purple, weakness and/or fatigue, disorientation, collapse and
coma. It’s vitally important to cool down your dog and get him or her to the
veterinarian as soon as possible.


Should dog owners simply change their dog food brands without a second thought? The
pet owner is then surprised when the dogs display discomfort or their stools are of a
different texture or colour. No matter to which or from which brand of dog food you are
changing, you should change before your stock of the old brand of dog food is depleted.
Use the little bit that is left mix it with the new brand of dog food when switching over.
To avoid an upset tummy for the first two days use a mix of 75% old brand and 25% of
the new brand to which you switching. The next two days mix 50% of each brand (old
and new) together and feed your dog with this mixture.For another two or three days,
mix 75% of the new brand together with only 25% of the old brand of dog food. After
this week of successfully changing your dog’s diet, you should be able to feed your dog
the new brand of dog food without any unpleasant consequences.



Complete Puppy is scientifically formulated to provide a tasty and balanced quality
puppy food that contains all the necessary, essential vitamins and minerals to ensure
the overall health and condition of your puppy. Complete Puppy has been specifically
formulated with Ostrich, which is a source of high quality protein and adds flavour to a
diet. Remember to feed your puppy according to recommendations.


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