SA Complete Pet Food products are formulated and manufactured under stringent
quality control procedures to ensure customer satisfaction. The cooking process
reduces the percentage of certain ingredients. Therefore the levels of affected
vitamins and other ingredients are measured after the cooking process to ensure
that the required levels are consistently maintained. Ingredients include Selenium
and Omega 3 and 6 which assist in maintaining general health and promotes a
shiny coat and healthy skin.

Our products are trustworthy and have high absorption rates. Tests show that
our pet food is palatable and we also do not use colourants or flavourants. The
technology used in the manufacturing process is of the highest standard. Every
batch of food is tested to ensure the highest quality for our appointed distributors,
pet shops, co-ops and veterinarians. SA Complete Pet is a member of The Pet
Food Industry Association of Southern Africa (PFI), which furthers the best interest
of pets in South Africa by upholding quality standards and safety in pet nutrition
through regular regulation testing.

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  • R50 off on 25 kg Classique or Maintenance as well as 50 kg Maintenance.
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  • R10 off on 8 kg Maintenance, 7 kg Classique, 4 kg Elite, 7 kg Puppy, 4 kg Puppy, or
    3 kg Cat.

How it works

  1. Download our FREE App from the Google Play or iStore. Register and you will
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Everyone who downloads our Complete Pet Food App and registers, will receive all
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With children at home during the COVID-19 lockdown, Complete Pet saw
a need to keep children entertained and educated in pet care at the
same time. We therefore published three, nine-page, online Kids Activity
Booklets which were published on our Facebook page.
Parents are encouraged to download and print the pages for their
children. The booklet also includes fun craft ideas to make cat and dog
toys at home.

In addition, we are running a ‘Draw your Pet’ competition where children
can draw their pet and submit their entry on Facebook to win a fantastic
hamper. You will find all three the booklets on our Facebook

It can be very difficult to train a dog to leave a dangerous object, plant, insect or even a
snake alone, especially with regards to certain breeds. Training your dog the “Leave it”
command can be very helpful with this type of situation; it’s not, however, a guarantee.
Dogs are very curious by nature, and the only way for them to explore their world is to
use their mouths; unlike us, they don’t have hands. Because of this they can mouth
inappropriate items or even poisonous plants and venomous snakes!
We want our dogs to listen if we tell them to leave something, as it can save their lives.
You can use the following steps to train your dog to leave certain things alone:
1. Set your dog up in front of you in a sitting position.
2. Place a piece of food on the floor about one metre away, while holding the leash.
3. When your dog moves towards the food on the floor, tell them to “leave it”, and
prevent them from getting to the food on the floor.
4. When your dog gives up or even looks at you, praise the dog and give them a treat
from your hand, encouraging them to come closer towards you and away from the treat
lying on the floor.
5. Practise this exercise and progressively bring the treat on the floor closer and closer.
The expected outcome is that your dog will not attempt to get the treat on the floor.
Then progress to taking the leash off and standing ready to cover the food, in case the
dog decides to go for the food. Change it up with different types of food, and also
increase your distance from the dog. Make sure that the item of food you’ve told your
dog to leave is never given to him. This exercise can also be used to stop your dog from
stealing from dining room tables or counter tops. Remember – practice makes perfect.


Understanding what might set your dog off, is an important factor to preventing a fight from occurring. When
our precious fur babies get into a fight, it can be very scary for the owner and a dog fight is a possibly very
dangerous scenario for everyone involved especially if you have children. Some fights are just scuffles which
end very quickly but in some cases, it can break out into a full on fight. Many owners get injured as dogs end
up biting them while trying to separate them.

Once a fight has broken out, the following can be helpful. However, they might have the opposite effect, so
be very careful because all dogs are different. The goal here it to ensure the safety of all people and dogs
involved. Many fights only last a few seconds.

1.Do not scream. This is a natural response for people but it can make the situation worse. Try your best to Remain calm.
2. Remove other dogs and people from the area. Other dogs can become involved. Do not grab their
collars or use your hands to break up a fight.
3. Keep a spray bottle handy or splash water over the dogs using the garden hose. Some
dogs might love water and this might not work as a deterrent. Some people advise putting lemon juice in the spray bottle which can be helpful. Direct the water to the dog’s noses.
4. Noises are helpful in distracting dogs. Try ringing a door bell, clanking pans together or clunking chairs
on the ground. This is purely a distraction tool and one should immediately separate the dogs should they
respond to this. An air-horn, which is incredibly loud, is also a useful tool and it’s a good idea to keep one
5. Throw a blanket over them. Again this is a distraction tool. Try to get something between the fighting
dogs, ensuring as much as possible that your hands and other body parts do not get between the dogs.
The above list can be helpful however in some instances it may not work. You may then have to pull
the dogs apart. This is a very dangerous manoeuvre for the dogs and is a last resort should you need to
separate the dogs.


Complete Elite is SCIENTIFICALLY FORMULATED to achieve a tasty and balanced quality dog food that
contains all the essential vitamins and minerals to ensure the overall health and condition of your dog. This
product has been specifically formulated with Ostrich, which is a source of high quality protein and adds
flavour to a diet. Complete Elite is ideal for the active dog.

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