Every year, Complete Pet invests in research and development. This includes both basic researchinto new and improved formulations as well as the protocols to validate their efficacy. This ongoingresearch and development gives dog owners the assurance that Complete Pet meets your pet’s dailynutritional needs. Veterinarians now understand that meat and poultry products form the foundationfor superior nutrition for dogs. Hence, one of the parameters one has to apply when trying todetermine what the best food for your dog will be, is this -Is the diet meat-based or grain-based?Meat-based diets are the better choice. Remember, we’re talking about normal dogs, not those withheart, thyroid or other abnormalities. Complete contains real ostrich in Puppy, Adult Maintenanceand Elite diets, whereas Complete Classique contains real beef as the main protein source.


  1. You’ll get better background info. You may learn more about the dog you’re adopting when you adoptfrom a shelter – including their background, energy level, and how they might get along with other pets.
  2. You can adopt a dog that’s already been spayed or neutered. Shelter dogs are usually alreadyspayed/neutered, vaccinated, and sometimes even microchipped. This can save you a lot of money, whichyou can then spend on toys for your new dog.
  3. You’re saving lives. Adoption not only moves a precious dog from vulnerability to safety, but creates spaceat the shelter, and moves more resources and attention to the remaining dogs. Bringing a shelter dog intoyour family will open up another space for a dog in need to be cared for until he’s adopted too. In shelterswhere they’re forced to euthanise as they don’t have enough space for all the homeless dogs, you’reliterally saving an innocent life.
  4. It’s more compassionate than buying. Dogs from pet stores often come from cruel conditions andirresponsible breeders. If you buy a puppy from a pet store, you’re encouraging backyard breeding andpuppy farm breeding.
  5. You may find a dog better suited to your personality and needs. A good dog shelter is invested in the well-being of its dogs and is thus committed to creating matches that take a dog’s personality, dream home,and special needs into account.
  6. You’ll save money. Adopting from shelters is a lot less expensive than going to a breeder. In fact, animalshelters are usually the least expensive of all ways to acquire a dog or cat.
  7. Your adoption fee will help other dogs (and cats). When you adopt, your adoption fee will allow the shelterto continue its mission of helping animals in need.
  8. Adopting a shelter dog will improve your life. Having a dog keeps you active, reduces stress, and helpschildren do better in school and avoid allergies.
  9. The dog you pick may already be socialised and house-trained. Shelter staff put in a lot of work to learnabout the dog and set him or her up for a successful transition into a new home.
  10. You’re giving a dog who may have had a hard life a better one. When you’ve adopted a homeless dog, itwill bring you incredible joy to know you literally changed his or her entire world.


Long drives with your dog don’t have to mean barking, pacing, and vomiting. Prepare him or her– and the car – to enjoy theride.DON’T DINE AND DRIVE – If you’ve ever had a carsick pet, you know it’s a bad idea to feed her while the car’s moving. Forthe most gastric comfort, schedule her last feeding four hours before you hit the road. Dogs can go hours without food,and long trips are better on an empty stomach.

BRAKE FOR BREAKS – If you’re going on a long trip, stop every four hours for your dog to relieve himself. An empty bladderequals a less-anxious pet – and a less-anxious pet is more likely to lie still. The importance of hydration for dogs, especiallyin summer, cannot be overstated! Remember, an excited canine in new surroundings may not notice that he needs todrink. A portable spill-proof bowl that you can leave next to him during the ride is essential.

SAFETY FIRST – The back seat is best when it comes to safety. And some gentle restraint for your dog, such as a roomycrate with his favourite dog bed, is better than letting him roam free in the car or sitting on the back of a bakkie, riskingaccidents by distracting the driver and injuries during abrupt stops. Don’t let your dog sit on the front seat, or even worse,on your lap! A dog that distracts or even bumps you could lead to you crashing your car and hurting yourself, your dog orsomeone else. Need another reason to keep your dog tethered in the back seat? An airbag going off in an accident couldkill the dog if it’s sitting in the front seat – even the passenger seat. Don’t put your dogs on the back of an open truck(bakkie), as this is extremely dangerous, not only for your dogs but for other people using the road.

CRACK THE WINDOWS – Using air-conditioning might cause you to forget to open windows when you hop out for a quickrestroom break, so this warning bears repeating: A closed car in summer heat, and even SA’s winter heat, is a death-trapfor a dog! Don’t let your dog put its head out of the car window whilst driving in case grit and dust get in its eyes. This cancause a nasty injury or infection.

IDENTIFY YOUR DOG – Always make sure your dog is wearing a collar with a tag (not a choke chain!) and has beenmicrochipped before travelling.

Snack-a-chew contains a coating for a nutritious crunchy treat which looks and tastes as good as chocolate butdoes not contain any ingredients which we know are harmful to dogs. Snack-a-chew are hand-made in SouthAfrica with love and care before being topped with the icing and decorated to keep your dog’s tail wagging.

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