Complete cares about your Best Friend. Complete has one of the most well known nutritionists in South Africa to ensure that the most balanced formula possible is used in Complete’s range of products.

It is essential to produce food of consistent quality, bag after bag. We achieve this only by optimum ingredients. Complete has a no COMPROMISE policy when it comes to the ingredients used in the Complete product range. Therefore some of the ingredients Complete uses are sourced from abroad. The reason for this is that various inspections take place in the country of origin as well as on arrival in South Africa.

Many years of understanding what dogs and cats require to enjoy a comfortable and healthy, fully balanced lifestyle goes into producing a suitable food with several additions that will allow them to not only survive, but also to flourish. Complete offers you a range of products that are fully balanced with all the needed nutrition for your pet at an affordable price. This leaves your pocket smiling and your Best Friend healthy.

It is important to remember that this is food that contains ingredients such as fats, oils and protein. As such it needs to be stored in a cool dry place.


Changing your dogs diet

As we all know, from time to time we like to try something new in our diet. Should the pet owners simply  change their dog food brands without a second thought? The pet owner is then surprised when the dogs display discomfort or their stools are of a different texture or colour.

No matter to which or from which brand of dog food you are changing, you should change before your stock of the old brand of dog food is depleted. Use the little bit that is left mix it with the new brand of dog food when switching over.

Here are a few pointers to keep in mind:

  • To avoid an upset tummy for the first two days use a mix of 75% old brand and 25% of the new brand to which you switching.
  • The next two days mix 50% of each brand (old and new) together and feed your dog with this mixture.
  • For another two or three days, mix 75% of the new brand together with only 25% of the old brand of dog food.

After this week of successfully changing your dog’s diet, you should be able to feed your Best Friend the new brand of dog food without any unpleasant consequences.


28Aug 2019

We are excited to announce the brand new COMPLETE PET APP to our loyal and potential new customers. We have improved the usability and also simplified the entire system from the old app. Why would a pet food company need an app you may ask, we are here to take you through the app and […]

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