SA Complete Pet Food, with its head office based in Primrose, Germiston, supplies high-quality pet food to customers right across South Africa.


SA Complete Pet Food products are formulated and manufactured under stringent quality control procedures to ensure customer satisfaction.

The cooking process reduces the percentage of certain ingredients. Therefore, the levels of affected vitamins and other ingredients are measured after the cooking process to ensure that the required levels are consistently maintained.


Ingredients include selenium and omega 3&6 which assist in maintaining general health and promote a shiny coat and healthy skin.

Complete is grateful to Prof. L.J. Grobler and Danie Voster of the University of the North West in Potchefstroom, who started Complete Pet Food in 2000. The current owners acquired the business in 2007 and since then have strived to promote their vision of providing a premium product at a budget price. By 2013, Complete had grown into a successful brand that is available throughout the country.

Complete is built on a sound foundation of quality products and services.

Complete uses the services of a renowned pet food nutritionist. Only ingredients of the highest quality are sourced. Our products are trustworthy and have high absorption rates. Tests show that our pet food is palatable, and we also do not use colourants or flavourants. Complete is good value for money!

The technology used in the manufacturing process is of the highest standard. It has been developed by the University of the North West and our products are manufactured by CFAM Technologies, which is part of the university. Every batch of food is tested to ensure the highest quality for our appointed distributors, pet shops, co-ops and veterinarians.

SA Complete Pet is a member of The Pet Food Industry Association of Southern Africa (PFI), which furthers the best interest of pets in South Africa by upholding quality standards and safety in pet nutrition through
regular regulation testing.