A Healthy Dog Diet Should Include Fibre. Here’s Why.

Dogs are not only a man’s best friend, they’re also pretty darn similar to us in so many ways. Their loving and caring natures, for sure, but they also have very similar nutritional needs. 

Case in point: Fibre. This kind of carbohydrate is best known for its impact on our gut health and keeping us regular. Well, the same applies to your canine. 

There’s soluble fibre that easily dissolves in water and is known for softening stool and feeding healthy gut bacteria. Then there’s insoluble fibre that attracts moisture from outside the colon and into the faeces to help promote regular bowel movements. Again, it’s the same for dogs. 

If consumed in the right amount, fibre can also promote weight loss in dogs, maintain their sugar levels, and importantly, can prevent colon cancer and inflamed anal glands. The right high-quality dog food will include an adequate amount, but for your own peace of mind, check the label to ensure the amount of crude fibre is less than 10%.

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