How Good Is South African Manufactured Dog Food Compared To International Brands?

Local versus International Dog Food Brands

Let’s take a trip back in time to the early 80s and 90s when South Africa only had three local dog food brands on our shelves. Fast-forward a couple of years and there are now several, high-quality varieties to choose from. While international brands are still readily available, many opt for local brands because they are locally produced which often means fresher ingredients and are far more cost-effective than buying imported food brands.  

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Despite its origin, however, certain factors determine the quality of dog food. These include the cooking process, ingredients used, and the diversity of the product range. 

The Complete Dry Dog Food range has been designed for all breeds, sizes, and ages of dogs. Our ingredients have been carefully selected to maintain their general health, as well as promote a shiny coat and healthy skin. The percentage of essential vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fat, and protein is also considered to ensure a well-balanced diet.

When choosing a dog food brand, check for the below inclusions to ensure you’re buying the very best for your four-legged friend: 

  • Natural Ingredients
  • Meat Protein 
  • Natural Fibre
  • Dietary Energy
  • Omega Fatty Acids
  • Essential Vitamins & Minerals
  • Cooked Grains

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As they always say, the proof is in the pudding. There’s a reason why more and more veterinary clinics are stocking locally produced dog food. Here’s a little bit more on the topic from our Technical Consultant, Carlos Neves.

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