The Pros and Cons of Wet Canned Dog Food

As pet owners, we’re constantly trying to tick as many nutritional boxes as we can to ensure our dog(s) remain happy and healthy. While you’re no doubt doing a great job, there are a few things to consider when it comes to their diet. One such example is determining whether they should be eating wet or dry dog food. 

You can explore the differences between each here. For now, we’re focusing on wet dog food and the pros and cons of this food variety.

Pros of Wet Dog FoodCons of Wet Dog Food
Lower in carbohydrates, higher in protein and fatIt may contain too much fat for dogs
Can prevent weight gain and even promote weight lossBPA from canned dog food may have negative effects on the body
High water content that helps maintain hydrationWet food is messier and more time consuming to prepare
Typically less processed than kibble, so protein and nutrients are more bioavailableIt spoils quickly if left out too long
Has fewer preservatives than most kibbleGenerally more expensive than dry dog food
Wet food is easier to chew than dry foodIt may increase tartar build-up on teeth

While the above list may help you make better decisions, it’s important to note that not all wet canned foods are the same. Always check the nutritional information to ensure only the freshest, healthiest ingredients are being used. 

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