The Great Debate: Dry Food vs. Wet Food

Ever wondered whether the food you’re feeding your dog actually meets their nutritional needs? Welcome to the club! While we’ll likely always fret about the wellbeing of our pooches, it’s only because of how much we love them. Plus, chances are you’re nailing it!

To ease your mind, the rule of thumb when it comes to your dog food is to ensure their diet includes protein, fats, carbohydrates, water, and vitamins. So, pretty much the same as us!

Now, does that mean the food should be wet or dry? Well, that’s up to your doggo!

Truth is, neither is better than the other, it comes down to personal preference and the nutritional needs of your pet. As long as they’re happy and healthy, stick to what you know. 

The obvious difference between the two is that wet food formulas have a higher water content than dry dog food. Here are a few benefits of each:

Dry FoodWet Food
Packed with high-energy contentHigher moisture content
Only small quantities neededEnables easy chewing
Easier to storeGreat for picky eaters
Longer shelf lifeCan be used as a topper

While both can fulfil your dog’s nutritional needs, individual factors like age, weight, activity level and mental state should influence what food you choose for your pet. 

For more information on these two food formulas, watch our latest video here

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