Fancy a Stroll? Your Dog Sure Would!

Raise your hands if you love exercising… *cue the cricket noises*. Kidding, we know at least some of you do. What we know for sure, is that doggos love it the most! And for good reason. 

Exercising keeps them healthy and limber, and can even reduce behavioural problems. Most of all, it gives them time to spend outside in the fresh air and quality time with you, their owner. 

While the amount will depend on your dog’s age, size, and even breed – there are a few standard guidelines to keep in mind when it comes to exercising:

1. Small-sized dogs = 30 minutes of walking per day.

2. Medium-sized dogs = 40-80 minutes of walking per day.

3. Larger-sized dogs = 1-hour walk per day or rigorous exercise.

Hey! What about the little guys? 

Just like our young ones, puppies have way more energy than adults. So, shorter, more vigorous exercises throughout the day are sure-fire ways to tire them out. Plus, they’ll love the attention! Got an older pooch? Keep to regular exercising but ensure it’s a more relaxed walk and stick to their pace throughout. 

We’ve got a few more tips and tricks to share when it comes to your dog’s physical health. Watch our latest video and don’t forget to follow us on social media!

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