Complete Pet food is making a difference in South Africa each year as we donate to Charities in need all around South Africa.
We started out as having a Food Donation Competition on Complete’s Facebook page. Where each Charity that was nominated by OUR Friends on the Complete Pet Facebook page had to load up a logo of their charity where all our Friends could place a vote by commenting the word “vote” on the Logo of the Charity they would like to donate R1 worth of Complete dog food to the Charity. The more votes each Charity received the more Complete dog Food they received. Complete did this campaign from 2009 to 2012 and we loved helping all of these Charities that needed the help each year.

Then in 2013 Complete decided to step up their goodwill by trying to break the Guinness World Record of collecting the most Pet food and donating it to 12 different Charities around South Africa.
Complete teamed up with the Pet & Me Expo and together we broke the current World Record of donating 8 tons of dog food to 12 Different Charities in one week.
We did the Count of the food collected and donated by the public on the Sunday that was the last day of the Pet & Me show. Complete then celebrated by donating over 10 tons of Pet Food to 12 Charities that year.
The following year Complete teamed up with Ford and Wodac (World of Cats and Dogs) where we once again attempted to break the Guinness World Record of donating the most pet food in one week to 18 different Charities. Complete did not break the record that year but We did help a lot of Charities in need as each of the beneficiaries received a well-earned donation of the donations we received from the public.

Complete love’s Growing Friendships and what better way that to help those in need.
We are looking forward to 2015 where we will once again contribute towards our community.


For further information or images please contact Monique De Wit at Tel: 082 882 2138 or email: complete6@imegroup.co.za .

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