Excessive Paw Licking

You may have noticed your dog licking its paws straight after eating. No, they’re not still hungry or looking for scraps. Rather, it’s part of a self-grooming routine. If your pooch is super considerate, you may even catch them doing it after they’ve been outside in the dirt. 

Licking and chewing their paws occasionally is nothing to fret over. If the licking becomes excessive, however, it may be time to investigate. Especially if they tend to lick one paw more than the other as this may mean there’s an injury that needs attending. 

Check their paws thoroughly for dry, irritated skin, inflammation, foreign objects, cuts, or bruises. Don’t forget to check their nail beds and in between their toes. 

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If food allergies are the cause, consider switching up their diet. The Complete Pet range contains all the essential vitamins and minerals they need to stay healthy. Consult your vet before changing their food and if you find any abnormalities when checking their paws.

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