Ticks and fleas may seem like seasonal nuisances, thriving in warm weather, but the truth is, they can remain active even during the winter months, albeit with some variations in behaviour and activity levels.

While ticks and fleas may not be as abundant or as active during the colder months, they are not completely dormant.

In regions where winters are mild, with temperatures staying above freezing, ticks and fleas can remain active throughout the year. These pests thrive in environments where temperatures are consistently above (7°C. Even a brief warm spell during the winter can be enough to awaken dormant fleas and ticks.

Ticks and fleas can survive indoors, where temperatures are typically warmer and more stable than outdoor conditions. If your home provides a comfortable environment for these pests, they can continue to reproduce and infest your pets year-round.

Many species of ticks and fleas rely on wildlife hosts, such as rodents and birds, for survival. These animals remain active throughout the winter and can serve as reservoirs for ticks and fleas. If rodents and birds frequent your property or if your pets come into contact with them, they could still pick up these pests during the winter months.

Ticks and fleas have evolved to survive harsh conditions, including cold temperatures. Some species have life cycle adaptations that allow them to endure the winter months, such as seeking shelter in leaf litter, burrowing into the ground, or attaching themselves to hosts for warmth and sustenance.

Even if your pets spend less time outdoors during the winter, they can still bring ticks and fleas indoors. These pests hitchhike on clothing, shoes, and pet bedding, leading to indoor infestations that can persist year-round.

So, while ticks and fleas may be less active during the winter months, they are not entirely inactive. Pet owners should remain vigilant and continue preventive measures, such as using flea and tick preventatives, even during the colder seasons to protect their pets and homes from infestations.

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