The Role of Fatty Acids in Pet Nutrition

Is it just us, or does the mere mention of ‘fats’ in food send us spinning? Many believe them to be bad and the reason for weight gain. The reality? Your body needs healthy fats for energy and to support cell growth. Of course, moderation is key to avoid adverse effects.

The same applies to your pets! Except they benefit even more so from essential fatty acids in that they promote healthy skin and shiny coats.

High-quality commercial dog food should contain an adequate amount, but you’ll know if your dog isn’t receiving enough if their skin becomes dry and itchy, and their coat appears to be dull.

Essential fatty acids are broken up into two groups: Omega 3 and Omega 6. Sound familiar? That’s because they’re likely already part of your diet thanks to the myriad of benefits they offer. Providing energy, promoting brain health, reducing heart disease, to name just a few. 

While each is beneficial, their ratios will differ depending on your pet’s needs. First prize would be a balanced recipe formulation that includes both – as long as it works for your pooch.

Looking for more info on these fatty acids and their benefits? Watch our latest video here.

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