Glucosamine in Dog Food

What is Glucosamine and why is it important?

It’s a term that perhaps doesn’t roll off the tongue very easily, but its benefits couldn’t be simpler. Glucosamine is a nutrient best known for supporting your dog’s long-term joint health and mobility. It’s a combination of glutamine (an all-important amino acid) and glucose (sugar), that helps to form and rebuild the cartilage in dog joints. 

While pretty much all dogs can benefit from this nifty nutrient, larger dogs and senior pooches who are prone to joint problems like arthritis and hip dysplasia will reap most of the rewards. The right amount will rid your dog of any aches and pains and will enable them to exercise more. This, in turn, will ensure they maintain a healthy weight as they age.

High-quality dog food for large and older dogs should contain an additional amount of glucosamine, but it’s important to check the label to ensure that’s the case. If you’re worried your dog’s bone or joint problems go beyond their diet, chat to your vet who will be able to advise you on how best to treat them. 

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