Dogs Swimming

You may have a dog that loves the water but that doesn’t necessarily mean they were born that way. While many believe that canines have an inborn ability to swim, that’s not the case for all breeds. So, before you take your new pooch for a dip, carry on reading. 

Their ability to swim often comes down to the dog breed and its structure. Golden Retrievers, for example, are renowned for being water babies. In fact, many Retriever owners have reported that their doggo’s seem to enjoy the pool more than land! This comes down to their water-shedding coats and webbed feet, as is the case with certain Spaniels, Poodles, and German Pointers. 

Other popular dog breeds, especially those with broad, flat faces like a Pug or French Bulldog have more of a difficult time in the water. While their structure contributes to this, it’s also due to them not being able to effectively keep their nose and mouth above the water. Larger dogs with heavy heads and dogs with short, stubby legs experience this, too. 

We know what you’re thinking! You have one of the breeds mentioned above that’s perfectly happy in the water. That’s because each dog is unique in its abilities. It’s important, however, not to push them too much out of their comfort zone. 

If ever in doubt, swimming training is an option, but for now, check out our latest video. 

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