Incorrect food for dogs

Incorrect Food and the Health Implications

While we doubt your dog’s a fussy eater, it’s up to you to ensure they eat the right amount of food, made from only the freshest ingredients. Especially since their diet can determine the health problems they could potentially face. 

Nutritional imbalances, over or under-feeding your dog can lead to several diseases and conditions that could’ve otherwise been avoided. A high salt diet, for example, can lead to congestive heart failure while too much sodium can result in kidney problems. 

Nutrients that are typically good for dogs when consumed incorrectly can also have negative effects. The wrong amount of calcium during a dog’s formative years can unfavourably impact their growth and joints and excessive fats can cause an inflamed pancreas.

Obesity is then a health concern that some pets are prone to more than others. Despite that, all pets are at risk if they’re in the habit of overeating or without nutrient-dense foods.

The good news? There are high-quality, premium dog foods available that will tick all the nutritional boxes and that are designed for specific sizes, ages, and activity levels. 

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