Dog Feeding Guidelines

Ever get the feeling that your doggo is hungry all the time? Don’t worry, it’s not that you’re feeding them too little, rather, it’s simply how they’re wired. If food is readily available, they’ll eat it. Heck, we’re pretty much the same! Especially if it’s something delicious.

It is normal, however, to worry about whether you’re over-or under-feeding your pet. So, we’re here to put your mind at ease as best we can!

Typically, fully-grown dogs should eat twice a day. Any less and they’ll be begging for scraps, too much and they could become overweight. Puppies, however, require more food than adults because they’re still developing. 

As pups transition from their mother’s milk to more solid food – small, frequent meals throughout the day is your best bet. Calcium is an important ingredient to look out for as it’ll ensure they grow up big and strong. 

Free feeding impacts puppies as much as it does older doggos. Both run the risk of obesity if food is always available to them. So, as tempting as it is to give them scraps – make sure they’re healthy options and that they don’t interfere with their scheduled meals.

Besides their age, the frequency of feeding and portion sizes will, of course, depend on the breed and their activity level. What’s more, dogs with health conditions could require an entirely different feeding schedule. Chat to your vet if you’re ever unsure. 

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