Keeping hyperactive dog busy

So, you’ve got yourself an overly hyper dog. Now what? While canines are naturally energetic creatures, you’ll know when it’s a problem if regular exercise and a balanced diet aren’t helping. There are many causes (and solutions) for calming down dogs. Pet owners who feel like they’ve tried everything should focus their attention on their dog’s nose.

Yup, you read right! Dogs have an immensely powerful sense of smell. Now you’re probably thinking, so what? Well, turns out that sniffing releases serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins – all the feel-good chemicals they need to keep them calm and happy. 

Encouraging them to keep sniffing then also proves to be an effective tactic for keeping them busy. Read: tiring them out. 

Ever heard of a snuffle mat? Put simply, it’s a rubber mat with fleece knotted through the holes and it’s mostly used to hide treats for doggos to find. Consider it a game for them to try that includes a reward at the end. Another option is an interactive treat ball. The same applies in that they’ll need to problem-solve to retrieve the treat in the end. 

For those not interested in purchasing new toys, you can practice the same games outside in the garden. Scatter treats in and among the grass and let your pooch find where they’re at.

Dog treats don’t necessarily need to be unhealthy. In fact, overloading them with calories will only create new problems. Consider using their normal kibble as the reward. And perhaps the high-value treats can be the grand prize for really showing off their skills. 

For tasty and well-balanced quality dog food, consider Complete Pet as the reward for their hard work! 

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