What In Dog Food Makes Them Fat

Unpacking Weight Gain in Dogs

We’ve mentioned before that dogs are similar to us humans in so many ways. From quirky personality traits and feeding off our moods to their incredible intelligence and loyalty. Like us, dogs are also prone to weight gain when they don’t eat correctly.

Weight gain is usually a result of too much crude fat. This refers to the amount of fat included in pet food before the dog metabolises it. While fats are important to a dog’s diet for muscle fuel, insulation, and energy levels – too much will negatively affect their health.

Any high-quality pet food will include a fat percentage on its packaging. This should depend on the breed, age, and size of your doggo. If your dog food includes a higher fat percentage, your dog will require less food. The opposite applies to food with a lower fat percentage. Your pooch will require a bit more food to ensure a well-balanced diet. 

Exercise also plays a huge role in how much fat a dog can consume. Highly active dogs will need more fat in their diet because of how much they burn off during a walk or run. Apartment dogs, older pooches, or those who don’t get out and about as much, will need less fat to avoid unhealthy weight gain.

Complete Pet Food includes all the necessary percentages and feeding guidelines to benefit your dog, no matter the breed. Just ask our Technical Consultant, Carlos! Press play. 

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