What Are The Benefits Of A Raw Dog Food Diet?

What Are the Benefits of a Raw Dog Food Diet?

For those of us who don’t already know, a raw diet includes fresh ingredients that haven’t been processed. Think fresh fruits and vegetables, raw eggs, and protein like muscle or organ meat, as well as whole or ground bone. We know what you’re thinking… “That sounds pricey!” Truth be told, it can be, but often the benefits outweigh the strain on your pocket.

Raw diets can be hugely beneficial for sickly or elderly dogs, those lacking a certain vitamin, or high-energy canines who need an extra boost. Since there is no heat involved in the making of the food, there are a lot more nutrients available for your pets to absorb. 

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The second question we bet you’re asking: What about dry dog food? Yes, processed food does lose a few nutrients along the way. To remedy this, however, is simply a case of increasing the amount of protein used, for example, to get it to the same level. 

Complete Pet Food is scientifically formulated to ensure a well-balanced diet. It contains all the essential vitamins, minerals, protein and more to ensure your pet’s overall health.

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