Deadly Treats

Treats you love that could land your pet at the vet

You love them to death, but could these spoils be the death of your fur baby? Here’s a list of five treats that could land your pet at the vet:


Humans and dogs love chocolate. Unfortunately, it contains theobromine and caffeine; two very toxic substances for dogs. As little as 60g of milk chocolate per kg body weight can be lethal to dogs.


Although dogs are usually affected, grape toxicosis is prevalent in cats. The exact toxic substance is still unknown, but it causes kidney failure. Ingesting as little as 30g grapes or 10g raisins per kg body weight can cause symptoms and death in dogs.


Avocado tree leaves are the most poisonous, but the stems, fruit, and seeds can cause toxicity in susceptible animals. It’s especially dangerous for exotic pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, and fish.


Chicken wings are often flavoured with onion and garlic, which can be very dangerous to dogs and cats. Cooked chicken bones also tend to break into smaller pieces that aren’t fully digested and can lead to severe constipation that requires veterinary intervention. Bones can get stuck anywhere from the throat to the rectum. This can lead to expensive surgery and even to the death of these animals.


Most South African households are filled with foods that are made with wheat and maize, including bread and biscuits. Although these treats aren’t deadly, many dogs develop allergies to wheat- and maize-based products. This can cause skin conditions and gastrointestinal problems that require veterinary intervention.

If your pet has accidentally eaten any of the substances listed here as dangerous, be sure to contact your veterinarian for advice immediately!

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